Epiphany II – Friday



We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him. Romans 8:28

The most important lesson in this Gospel (John 2:1-11), and what we should especially note here, is that we should accord God the honor of being good and gracious, even though He seems to have shown Himself in quite a different light. Sense and feeling must be disciplined in us, and the old Adam put down, so that true faith in God’s goodness, and not feeling, remains in us.

Here you see how a pure faith remains in Christ’s mother and is held up before us as an example. She is sure that He will be gracious, even though she does not feel it. She is also sure that she feels otherwise than she believes. So she leaves the whole matter completely to His goodness.

She does not set up any time or place, any method or measure, any person or name. He must do just as He pleases. If it is not done in the middle of the meal, let it be done at the end of the meal. She keeps the rebuff to herself. She does not reproach Him for His disdainful conduct before all the guests, for His ungracious attitude which made her blush. He appears to be sour, but He is sweet. Of this Mary is quite sure. And if we act in this way under such conditions we are true Christians.

AE 76,245

PRAYER: Lord, you know that we sometimes experience conditions in which we see only as through a glass darkly, when we do not immediately recognize your guiding hand and goodwill toward us. Grant us your grace so that we always firmly believe that even in such situations all things must work together for our good. Amen.