Epiphany III – Thursday



Only say the word, and my servant will be healed. Matthew 8:8

We learn from the example of the centurion at Capernaum that we must begin with the Gospel and put our whole faith and trust in it without looking to any merits or works. The centurion makes no appeal to any merit or work; he reposes his whole confidence in Christ’s goodness alone. Here we see how all the works of Christ set forth examples of what the Gospel means in terms of faith and love.

We have here an example of Christ’s love in bestowing His blessing freely without any requests and gifts. The centurion also gives us an example of love in the concern which he shows for his servant. He acted as Christ acts in receiving us; he does good to his servant freely and for the servant’s good. Luke says that the servant “was dear to him.” Luke 7:2.

His love for his servant impelled him to concern himself for the servant’s welfare and prompted his action. Let us follow this example and not deceive ourselves into thinking that in the possession of the Gospel we do not have to concern ourselves with the needs of our neighbor.

AE 76, 253

PRAYER: Give us, O Lord, the faith which is always active in love towards our neighbor, after the example of our Lord Jesus Christ in His work of salvation for us. Amen.