Epiphany IV – Thursday



And the men marveled, saying, “What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?” Matthew 8:27

In the Gospel of the stilling of the tempest (Matthew 8:23-27), we are reminded where to seek consolation and help in the hour of need. This is not available to us in the world; human skill and might offer no protection.

Christ alone is the helper in the hour of need. We must turn to Him in all our needs with trust and confidence, as the disciples do here. Had they not believed that He would help them, they would not have awakened Him and cried to Him for help. True, their faith was still weak and mixed with much unbelief. They experienced a certain amount of hesitation in committing their safety and lives into His keeping. They were not so sure that He could rescue them in the midst of the sea and snatch them from the jaws of death. The disciples could not command or demand help because of their faith.

From all this we can conclude that God’s Word has no master or judge; it requires no protector apart from God Himself. It is His Word. Therefore, just as He has sent His Word forth without human merit or counsel, so He also wants to operate with it and protect it without human help and strength. The man who puts his faith in human help loses out in two directions: he finds no help from God or men.

AE 76,288

PRAYER: Be near us and help, Lord Jesus, in every hour of need, especially when our faith weakens, for the sake of your mercy, truth, and grace. Amen.