Luther for the Busy Man


Luther for the Busy Man 

Reformation Day, October 31, 2020 
Plymouth, MN 

Luther for the Busy Man, hereafter “LFTBM,” is a new project brought to you by the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary, in cooperation with Ambassador Publications, the publishing arm of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations. Our two ministries cooperate in a number of areas, most notably in the operation of the Ambassador Publications Book Nook in Heritage Hall. Our college and seminary is not a publishing house or a book distributor, but we benefit from access to great materials curated by Ambassador Publications. 

LFTBM is an out-of-print devotional classic that we are about to reprint, while also delivering several different kinds of content, all of which will be housed on this page as it is developed: 

  • A free daily devotional delivered through email and/or push/text notification
  • A daily podcast with studio-quality reading of each day’s text
  • (Potentially) a YouTube channel with informal reading of each devotional
  • A high-quality print edition of the text, with an anticipated summer 2021 launch date 

 Why another devotional book? 

When I was studying at Concordia Theological Seminary-Ft. Wayne, one of my professors began each day with a brief devotional reading from this book. I loved it. It is a translation of Luther’s commentary on the standard gospel texts for a given week in the church year. The length is just right, and the curation of content introduces readers to a side of Luther that some anthologies don’t emphasize: His affections. Luther was not an understated man, but some collections make him appear thus– theologically precise, and dry, though astute. It is our prayer that readers will become enthralled with Luther’s wise interaction and application of the Biblical texts. We pray that some will meet the Reformer for the first time, with others gaining a deeper appreciation for the ethos of the Reformer, to the end that many will dive in for a deeper walk through Luther’s Works.  

Why the title? 

We thought about a title change, as “for the busy man” may sound a bit pretentious, even sexist, in today’s society. People all around are apologizing for the existence of gender, and many wear “busy-ness” as a badge of honor. Both are negative societal developments. But “busy” we are, and sometimes that “busy-ness” keeps us from engaging texts of any significant length. This book offers readings that are 3-5 minutes long, even when paired with audible reading of the assigned scriptures each day. The length is “just right” both to gain the acquired taste of Luther’s writing and to find substantial nourishment for the day that is ahead. Besides, there are some who remember the title fondly enough to search regularly for used copies, which seem to be rather difficult to find.  

Please watch this space for more developments, sign up for daily delivery, and– when the physical copies are published– buy one for yourself and ten to give away as gifts. Luther’s writings on the gospels are too good to ignore. And you’re not too busy to benefit. Enjoy! 

For the gospel of Jesus Christ, 
Dr. Wade Mobley 
President, Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary