Lent – Week 4 – Tuesday



Jesus then took the loaves, and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to those who were seated; so also the fish, as much as they wanted. And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the fragments left over, that nothing may be lost.” John 6:11,12

In taking the five loaves and blessing them, Jesus gives us to understand that there is never anything so insignificant that it cannot be of some use for His disciples. He can bless even a little for them, so that they eventually have more than enough, whereas those who are rich often do not have enough with all their riches.

“Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing,” as the Psalmist declares, but the rich often suffer hunger. “The young lions suffer want and hunger” (Psalm 34:10). In her Magnificat, Mary also reminds us that “He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent empty away” (Luke 1:53).

On the other hand, in giving the order that the fragments should be gathered up, Jesus teaches us to be saving, to look after His blessings, to make good use of them so that one never tempts God by the misuse of His blessings.

Just as He wants us to have faith when we have nothing and to be quite sure that He will provide for us, so also He does not want us to tempt Him by despising the blessing He has given us or by letting them lie to rot away while awaiting others from heaven by way of a miracle.

What He has provided, we should accept and use. What He has not provided, we should wait for with firm faith.

AE 76,402

PRAYER: You have often shown us in your Word, O Lord, that your children will never lack any good thing. We trust you to provide all the “good things” we need as your children. Grant us your grace that we never misuse any of these good things, for Christ’s sake. Amen.