Seventh Day of Christmas – Christmas VII



He [John the Baptist] was not the light, but came to bear witness to the light. John 1:8

The Gospel endures no other doctrine beside itself; it simply wants to be a witness to Christ and lead men to this light, namely Christ. Therefore these words, “He was not the light,” are worthy of being written in large letters and carefully noted against those men who push themselves forward and want to enlighten men with their own doctrines and self-made laws. Reject anyone who does not preach the Gospel and give him no kind of hearing.

He who teaches you to believe in Christ and to put your trust in the eternal Light, without building on any of your own works, is preaching the Gospel. Hence, be on your guard against everything you are told that is outside of the Gospel. Do not rely on it, and do not regard it as a light which enlightens and improves your soul, but regard it as something external, like eating and drinking for the needs of the body, that you can make use of according to your will or to please another, but not for your salvation. In regard to the latter, nothing is useful or necessary for you apart from this Light.

What a horrible thing is the doctrine of men, now rampant, which has actually banished this Light! Men themselves want to be this Light, and not witnesses of the Light! They are silent about it, or teach it in such a way that they are prominent, close beside it.

Being silent is even worse than denying, for from this procedure Samaritans are shown as serving God and idols at one and the same time (2 Kings 17:33).

AE 75,300

PRAYER: Reign in our heart and reign there supreme, O Lord, so that we fully and completely believe your saving Gospel with all our heart, that Christ’s light may at all times lead and direct us in the way of your choice. Amen.