Trinity – Week 21 – Friday



The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went his way. . . . He himself believed and all his household. John 4:50, 53

We must always keep ourselves in trim so that we do not just remain at the one fixed level but continually increase. Hence there must be a cross, temptation, and tribulation in which faith can grow and become strong. Even as clarity of faith increases, so also there is progress in the disciplining of the body. The stronger faith becomes, the weaker the flesh becomes. The smaller our faith, the stronger our flesh becomes, and the less success we have in putting it off.

We are inclined to think, “If I am to be always helping my neighbor, what is going to become of me? I shall be going to him for something in the end.” If we had a correct faith, one which reflects Christ in us, we would not be doubtful about having enough, but would declare in all confidence, “God will provide for us in every need.” If we give up at every little puff, how shall we face up to something really big?

Faith must be practiced to increase. Simply to go on and always remain every day what we were yesterday, and tomorrow what we are today, is not a Christian life. In this Gospel, John takes special care to point out how this royal official increased in faith.

What did he believe after he came to his house? Not that his son had recovered and been restored to him. He could see his living son before his eyes. From the way in which he had experienced Christ’s help, he now also believed that Christ would help him in any other troubles that would cross his path.

AE. 79:225-232

PRAYER: Increase our faith, Lord Jesus, by removing all doubt and uncertainty from our hearts, filling them with the certainty and confidence of faith, for Your name’s sake. Amen.