Week of Epiphany V – Saturday


LESSON: JOHN 17:20-26

I do not pray for these only, but also for those who believe in me through their word. John 17:20

Another advantage of confession is that it provides you with an opportunity to confess your errors and mistakes and to seek counsel for them. Even if there were no other reasons for it, and God did not at the same time speak to us there, I would not like to do without confession for the simple reason that it provides me with a good opportunity to open up to my brother and make my complaints and concerns known to him. It is a wretched thing for conscience to be burdened in the grip of fear without knowing where to turn for consolation.

It is very comforting for two people to get together and help each other with advice and consolation. This is a brotherly procedure and also a mark of Christian love. The one discloses his troubles; the other heals the wounds that have opened up before him. I would not trade this for the wealth of the whole world.

This confession should not be commanded and recommended in such a way that people are going to develop a bad conscience by gaining the impression that they must practice this confession before attending Communion. On the other hand, we should not disregard this confession. We can never hear too much of God’s Word and have it so firmly established in our hearts that it becomes impossible to establish it more firmly.

AE 76,437-38

PRAYER: Make your Word a bright and shining light for us, O Lord, a true means of salvation, in and through our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.