Advent – Week 1 – Monday


LESSON: LUKE 1:68-79

Faith apart from works is dead. James 2:26

Faith is of two sorts. The first is that you believe that Christ is a man like the Christ described and proclaimed in the whole Gospel, but you do not actually believe that He is such a man for you. You have your doubts that all He achieved is for you. It may be for St. Peter, Paul, and the holy saints, but you are not at all sure that it is for you.

Such a faith is really nothing. It never really receives Christ or tastes of the things that really count in Him. Even the devils have this faith.

The one faith which is entitled to be called real, true Christian faith is to believe without any wavering that Christ is not only such a man for St. Peter and the saints, but also for you, indeed, for you more than for all others.

Your salvation does not consist in believing that Christ is a Christ for the pious, but that He is a Christ for you and is yours.

This faith brings it to pass that He pleases you in a most delightful manner. Then love and good works follow without any compulsion.

If works do not follow, it is quite certain that faith is really absent. Where faith exists, the Holy Spirit is also present working love and what is good in us.

AE 75,28

PRAYER: Bestow your Holy Spirit upon us, O Lord, to lead us into true faith, active in love and producing the works pleasing to you, for the welfare of your kingdom and our neighbor. Amen.