Lent – Thursday



He was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities. Isaiah 53:5

Christ’s passion should help us to a knowledge of self, to be horrified at ourselves, and to bring us to contrition. If this is not the result of Christ’s passion as far as we are concerned, it has not yet achieved its purpose in us. In His passion, Christ placed Himself on an equal footing with us, so that, as He suffered in body and soul in a wretched manner because of our sins, we must also suffer with Him in the knowledge of our sins. This is no matter for many words, but for deep thinking and a proper estimate of our sins.

Consider this illustration! If a criminal was convicted of murdering the child of a prince or a king, and you were quite unconcerned, sang and played as though you were quite innocent until a terrible attack was launched upon you, and it was proved that you had prevailed upon the criminal to commit his crime. The world would become too narrow for you, especially if your conscience left you in the lurch.

You should become much more anxious when you ponder the sufferings of Christ. For although the Jews, the criminals, have come under God’s judgement and have been cast off, they were merely the ministers of your sin. You are really the one who, through your sin, throttled and crucified God’s Son.

AE 76,428

PRAYER: My sin and guilt, Lord Jesus, were no small part of your passion, suffering, and death. Thank you, Lord, for the riches of your grace and mercy and, above all, for your wonderful love to me and all other sinners. Amen.