Sexagesima – Friday


LESSON: PSALM 31:15-24

O send out thy light and thy truth; let them lead me, let them bring me to thy holy hill and to thy dwelling! Psalm 43:3

After hearing the Word, large numbers fall away from it and bring no fruit to perfection. We are told this for our learning so that we should not be led into error.

It is certainly unpleasant to preach to those who treat the Word so disgracefully and especially set themselves against the Gospel. For this is preaching which is to become so general that it is to be presented to all creatures, as Christ declares, “Preach the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15), and as the psalmist puts it, “Their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world” (Psalm 19:4).

What if many do despise the Word? It must be that many are called but few are chosen. For the sake of those who are good seed and who bring forth fruit with patience, seed must also fall in vain on the path, on the rock, and among the thorns.

Of one thing we can be sure, and that is that God’s Word never departs without producing fruit. It always finds some good ground, as the Gospel also says here, that some of the sower’s seed fell on good ground and not only on the path, among the thorns, and on the rock. For wherever the Gospel reaches, there are Christians. “My word shall not return to me empty” (Isaiah 55:11).

AE 76,334

PRAYER: Grant, O Lord, that the saving power of your Gospel may always be a real incentive for us to spread the teachings of the Gospel in word and deed, for Christ our Savior’s sake. Amen.