Sexagesima – Monday


LESSON: 2 TIMOTHY 3:10-17 

Give no opportunity to the devil. Ephesians 4:27 

Heretics, factionaries, and fanatics understand the Gospel carnally and interpret it in whatever way they wish, according to the liking. All these people hear the Gospel but bring forth no fruit; they are ruled by the devil and are more under the domination of the ordinances of men than they were before they heard the Gospel. 

It is really a horrifying statement which Christ makes in the Gospel (Luke 8:4-15) that the devil takes the Word out of their hearts. He thereby testifies that the devil rules mightily over their hearts, despite the fact that they are called Christians and hear the Word. 

Likewise, it sounds pitiable that they should be trodden underfoot and be subjected to the doctrines of men, through which also, under the semblance and name of the Gospel, the devil cunningly takes the Word from them so that they never understand it to their salvation but are lost forever. 

This is how fanatics operate today in all countries. For where this Word does not remain, there is no salvation; not even great works and holy lives will help them here. When Jesus says that they will not be saved because the Word has been taken from them, He clearly demonstrates that not works, but faith, saves through the Word alone, as Paul also declares (Romans 1:16). 

AE 76,332 

PRAYER: Grant us true steadfastness and firmness of faith, O Lord, that we both know what we believe and continue therein, walking as closely as possible to the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whose name we also ask this. Amen.