Trinity – Week 10 – Sunday


LESSON: LUKE 19:41‒48

When He drew near and saw the city, He wept over it. Luke 19:41

The events described in this Gospel occurred on the day we usually call Palm Sunday when Jesus, amidst public acclaim, entered Jerusalem as the king of grace. On that occasion He proceeded at once to the temple, and there He preached for three days on end. This He had never done before. The sum and content of this Gospel is Christ’s deep concern over those who despise God’s Word and His lament over their ultimate distress.

You have often heard what the Word of God is, what it brings with it, and what kind of students it encounters. This Gospel tells us nothing of these aspects. It simply sets before us the punishment and distress which will come upon the Jews because they did not know the time of their visitation. We must take a close look at all this because it also concerns us. If those are punished who do not know the time of their visitation, what will be the fate of those who knowingly persecute, blaspheme, and dishonor the Gospel and the Word of God? Here, however, Jesus speaks only of those who do not know the time of their visitation.

There are two ways of preaching against those who despise the Word of God. Christ illustrates one method when He pronounces His woes upon Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum, declaring that it will be more tolerable for Tyre, Sidon, and Sodom on the day of judgement than for these places (Matthew 11:20‒24).

The other method of dealing with those who reject God’s Word is illustrated here in this Gospel when Jesus weeps over Jerusalem. He feels the deepest of compassion for these poor, blind people. He does not reprove or threaten them as hardened and deluded sinners. His heart melts in love for them. He has compassion for those enemies.

SL 11:1468 (1‒4)
AE 78:346-361

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, as You shed tears of mercy and compassion over Jerusalem, so also let us experience Your love and compassion whenever we stand before You as sinners in need of salvation, for Your mercy and truth’s sake. Amen.